Monthly Archives: September 2012

Social sciences has new leader

September 28, 2012

The Social Sciences elected a new department chair today. Monty Walker will take over from Dr. Tim Jeske, who has served our well department for many years.

Honors program at YVC

September 23, 2012

Students who are interested in participating in an honors program at YVCC should contact me (Heidi Shaw) for more information. Call (574-4812) or email (

Maria Cuevas

September 23, 2012

Each year Chican@ Studies instructor Maria Cuevas organizes a series of events for the Diversity Series. These events consist of a combination of lectures, performances and discussion panels, among other things. Be sure to look for Diversity Series events this Fall.

Dr. Brock Eubanks

September 23, 2012

Dr. Brock Eubanks presented “The Economics of Education” to the Davis High School parenting class. He also presented self-defense and campus safety information again to the Eisenhower High School physical education program in June.