Monthly Archives: March 2014

Thanks for the feedback and picking up finals

March 21, 2014

Your finals are ready to be picked up. You can come to the front desk downstairs in Glenn Anthon and ask at the front desk. You can pick them up any time that the secretary is at her desk. I think she will be out on Monday, 3/24, but should be back on Tuesday. She…

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Funny youtube video

March 5, 2014

Thought you folks might get a kick out of this: You should recognize it from the current section on learning. To be clear, I do NOT condone this sort of behavior! You could shoot your eye out!   ;^)

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New news article on acetaminophen as teratogen

March 3, 2014

I thought this news article was timely, since we had just been talking about teratogens. You can see the caution the researchers and doctors maintain when talking about the drug. They aren’t really claiming it does damage, but are talking about what it appears it might do. They won’t tell women to stop taking it,…

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