Monthly Archives: May 2017

Weekend assignment

May 26, 2017

Man, this quarter is flying by!! For Tuesday, answer Qs 1-21. (You should have already answered the classical conditioning questions. For Tuesday, try some of the practice problems for classical conditioning. The 9:30 class should also try some of the practice problems for operant conditioning. Plan for a quiz on Wednesday. Have a great weekend!

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Due in class on Wed, 5/24 and other information

May 23, 2017

We’re starting on the Learning chapter on Wednesday. Please print out the learning worksheet and bring it with you to class. For those of you who want to get ahead, please scan (or read) the chapter from the beginning through the section on classical conditioning. To get ahead, you can also answer content Qs 1,…

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Updates and Weekend assignment

May 19, 2017

For the rest of this week’s journal, you can choose your own topic, just like the first week. You can also insert a photo if you want, as long as you include some commentary about the significance of the photo. Over the weekend, review chapters 3 and 4 with the idea that you’ll be tested…

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Assignments due Friday, 5/19

May 18, 2017

For tomorrow, please do the following: 1) Watch EITHER the Sam Berns OR the Matt Long video on this page  and type up a 5-6 sentence response to it, e.g., what will you do differently after watching the video? what did you think of the message? what did you think of the speakers? You…

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