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Rest of this week

November 26, 2018

Due today were content Qs 2-8 Due on Tuesday: Content Qs 1, 9-20. Application Qs 1-5 Due on Wednesday: Content Qs 21-end, Application Qs 7-9 Thursday: Wrap up and Quiz during the last part of class

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Thanksgiving Week and beyond

November 20, 2018

Hi, folks, I’ll be updating this, but wanted to get the initial assignment up for those of you who are trying to work ahead. We’re starting on chapter 4, which covers sensation and perception. This is really a logical continuation of the brain chapter. In chapter 4 we deal with how the brain processes the…

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Interesting article re: screen time and risk of blindness

November 1, 2018

Here’s an interesting article about how the blue light from screens could increase a person’s risk of macular degeneration. (Remember the correlation/causation problem, though!):

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