Bonus points – 200

**UPDATED 3/10/2014:

Students in our class can earn up to 12 bonus points across the quarter. For Winter 2014, students will have until the day of the final to turn in bonus points.

The rules of thumb for assigning bonus points for me is that (1) the talk has to be at least 15 minutes long and (2) students can earn up to 1 point per 10 minutes. So a 15-minute-ish talk would be worth 1.5 points.

Requirements for earning bonus points are as follows:

  • submit a typed summary/response to whatever the event is, e.g., film, presentation, TED talk, etc. The summary/response must be substantial. A few word opinion is insufficient.
  • at the top, include specific information about the event. For example, if it is a TED talk, include the speaker’s name and the title of the talk. If it is a film, include the complete name of the film and the publishing company
  • the summary/response for an event must be turned in to me no later than the day before the exam which covers the topic related to the event.
  • Note: You will receive credit for your summary ONLY if you include the name of the movie or the name of the speaker and title of talk in your write up, particularly ones that you found on your own. Keep in mind that TED is not the speaker.



School-age: Note that for these, only talks that are at least 15 minutes long can be used for bonus points.


Adulthood (young, middle):