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Weekend and Week 10 plan

November 17, 2017

Hey, folks, If you found yourself depending on your neighbor’s worksheet or having to look back into the textbook for answers on that quiz today, you should assume that your current worksheet isn’t thorough enough. Go back through the text and add to your answers on the learning worksheet, so you’ll be prepared on Monday…

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Weekend work and plan for the coming week

November 9, 2017

Hi, folks, I’m hoping that you do something to honor veterans who are still among us this weekend. There are a lot of things that you can do. With regard to homework, over the weekend, please: Answer content Qs 21-30 Take a look at the depth perception powerpoint, which is on my website. That will…

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“Testling” still on Monday, 11/6

November 3, 2017

Hi, folks, For anyone who wasn’t here today (Friday), I’m just confirming that we’re still having a 45 pt (30Q) multiple choice test on Monday. I will be out, but Denise Van Vleck will be proctoring the test. Be sure to show up on time and with a scantron. I’ll be instructing her to lock…

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Links to brain presentation

November 2, 2017

I just posted all the links that I have received for the brain presentations. Go to Topics and Worksheets–> Biological Basis. Scan down to the brain damage assignment, and you’ll find it as the third link, below the brain presentation groups link. If your topic doesn’t have a link, someone in your group should send…

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