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This set of pages serves two purposes. First, for YVCC faculty interested in conducting research, it provides information about the procedures to follow in order to adhere to federal regulations regarding the treatment of humans subjects. Second, for YVCC students, it describes research projects that I am currently working on and which students can volunteer to assist with.

Human subjects information

12/16/2010 This webpage is still under construction. Until this page is finalized, if you have any questions regarding research on YVCC’s campus, please contact Dr. Heidi Shaw.

YVCC and Federal Regulations Regarding Research

All research involving human subjects is subject to federal regulations. YVCC’s Federalwide Assurance is the contract YVCC has signed with the federal government allowing research involving human subjects to take place and obliging YVCC to adhere to federal regulations regarding human subjects. Review by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) is part of the federal regulations. YVCC has an agreement on file with Central Washington University (CWU) allowing YVCC faculty and staff to submit research proposals to CWU’s IRB for review. This agreement obliges YVCC to adhere, not only to federal regulations, but to CWU’s protocols and procedures as well. CWU currently provides this service for free. Should YVCC begin submitting substantial numbers of proposals to the IRB, CWU reserves the right to charge a fee.

YVCC’s Federalwide Assurance (FWA) requires that all student and faculty principal investigators (PIs) and all co-investigators complete training in the responsible conduct of research (RCR) prior to submitting applications to the Human Subjects Review Committee. To complete this training, YVCC faculty must contact CWU’s Human Subjects Review Committee

Conducting Research on YVCC’s Campus

YVCC faculty who are interested in conducting research on our campus should become familiar with the federal regulations regarding treatment of human subjects. Research involving human subjects falls into three categories with regard to institutional review: Exempt, Expedited Review, Full Review. Most institutional research conducted at YVCC is exempt from this regulation for a variety of reasons. Section 46.101 describes the types of research which are exempt. Some types of research, which involve minimal harm, can undergo an expedited review. Under an expedited review procedure, the review may be carried out by the IRB chairperson or by one or more experienced reviewers designated by the chairperson from among members of the IRB. Section 46.110 describes the type of research which would require only an expedited review. All other research requires review by the full human subjects review committee.

In order to conduct research on YVCC’s campus, a faculty member should first:

  1. draft an initial proposal.
  2. become familiar with the federal regulations to determine the type of review your intended research would likely be subject to.
  3. meet with your immediate supervisor (e.g., Dean, Director, or Vice President) to inform them of your intended project and to get approval to proceed.

Once approved, the faculty member should then:

  1. contact CWU’s Human Subjects Review Committee for an initial consultation.
  2. note the dates of CWU’s HSRC meetings and deadlines for submissions.
  3. request an access code for the online module: Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research. Note that all members of the research team must complete this training prior to submitting the proposal.
  4. meet with your immediate supervisor to review the final proposal prior to sending it to CWU’s HSRC.


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