Fireworks (7/29/13)

These are my first attempts at fireworks. It was fun. Too bad I have to wait a year to try it again…

For my psych students, this is a good opportunity to experience after-image effects. Stare at the fireworks in one of the pictures for a good 30 seconds, ideally without blinking. Then shift your gaze down to the black part of the picture. If you do this with the first picture, you should see a blue version of the same starburst. Of course, on black, blue isn’t really blue. If you get ambitious, grab a piece of white paper and do the same thing, but shift your gaze to the white surface. You’ll see the blue clearly. With the blue firework at the bottom, the after-image will appear yellow.

As always, to see a larger version, click twice: first to open the photo, and a second to enlarge it.