Tortoise rescue story!

This tortoise turned out to be more interesting than I had originally thought. My sister and I came across this tortoise while were out walking. My sister knows more about wildlife than I do, and it bothered her that the tortoise was near a river. Tortoises aren’t native to this area and are not water critters. She followed up and found out that he is an Egyptian Solcata tortoise. After some phone calls, she discovered that he had been missing for two months. She was able to locate his owner and now Rabi is back home with a clear bill of health from his doctor! Because he is so big (~40 lbs), his owner had already made plans, before he went missing, for him to move to Las Vegas to someone better equipped to meet his growing needs. He’ll be on a plane in a couple of weeks. I’m thinking that’s the end of the story, because, as well all know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! :^)

The bottom two shots show Rabi back at home under his red heat lamp eating a strawberry. The first one is black and white so you can see him more clearly. I love his undignified strawberry mustache in the second. If that’s not tortoise glee, I don’t know what is! (Note: If you click on a picture once and then again (rather than double-clicking), you’ll get a larger shot of him.)