Rippling Waters (8/1/13)

A few years ago my Dad wrote a story for kids about a fairy in the woods. In it, he mentions the “golden web” that appears in the stream. I didn’t know what he was talking about until one day when I was out hiking with my sister, she pointed it out. I was able to capture it. Ever since, I have been intrigued by shadows and reflections caused by the interaction of water and light.

As always, to see a larger version, click twice: first once to open the photo, and then a second click to enlarge it.

The first set shows the “golden web” that my Dad described. In some ways, the pictures are more beautiful than reality, because the ripples and lines move by so fast in real-time that it’s easy to miss. Once the camera stops the moment, the highlights and shadows are clear and motionless. One fun thing about taking these water pictures is that, because the water is constantly moving and the wind and light are shifting,  you have no precise idea how the picture will turn out until you look at it.

The next set are grouped together because of the patterns of ripples. The patterns in the first two look like inspiration for new Scottish plaids. In the full-screen version of the green/blue shot, you’ll see a water-strider contributing to the ripple pattern.

The rest of these are in here for miscellaneous reasons. My active imagination can see bear faces in some. Some look like impressionist paintings. And in some of them, the colors are more beautiful than royal jewels.