XFC Research Tools

Here are some resources that will help you learn more about chimpanzees, cross-fostering, proper research protocols, etc.

Websites about these cross-fostered chimpanzees





Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute: http://www.cwu.edu/chci/

Friends of Washoe: http://www.friendsofwashoe.org/

Sweet blog entry about Washoe, five years after her death: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/expeditions/2012/11/04/chimps-in-uganda-lessons-from-washoe/

Videos of infant chimpanzees


Websites about wild chimpanzee behavior

The woman who leads this project started working with the cross-fostered chimpanzees up at CWU as a freshman and went on to start this incredible project: http://www.congo-apes.org/about-apes.html

Jane Goodall Institute: http://www.janegoodall.ca/about-chimp-behaviour.php